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5 Of The Best Destinations In The World For Nutella Lovers

5 Of The Best Destinations In The World For Nutella Lovers

OK, you clicked the link so you’re obviously bonkers for Nutella. We know you already have that personalised Nutella jar waiting for you at home and that the thrill of cracking that golden seal on a new jar is like music to your ears, so we won’t delay any longer.

February 5 is World Nutella Day. Did you know that was a thing? Because it totally is, and to celebrate, we’ve rounded up the world’s best Nutella destinations, because sometimes all you need is a little choc-hazlenut spread in your life, wherever you are around the word.

New York City, USA

Photo: Nutella Bar/Facebook

Anyone who has been to New York and loves all things carbs would have been to Eataly before; it’s a huge market where fresh produce is cultivated, bought, prepared and enjoyed. Recently Eataly decided to add another Italian brand into the mix to make this a truly authentic experience. Yes, we’re talking about Nutella, and Eataly New York’s Nutella Bar. Visitors to the Nutella Bar can enjoy the famed spread in various different incarnations, from crêpes to waffles, gelato to pastries and even coffee, all served with Nutella.

Melbourne, Australia

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Photo: Zero Gradi/Facebook

When Melbourne ice cream joint Zero Gradi decided to install a Nutella tap last year, we weren’t sure if we were prepared for this kind of decadence. For this humble ice cream joint in Melbourne’s northern suburbs was lathering their already tasty sweet treats in hot Nutella sauce that drips continually from a tap. A tap! Is this what chocolate heaven looks like?

Porto, Portugal

Photo: Nut’Portugal

With 12 stores across Portugal, Nut’Portugal is single handedly bringing Nutella to the Portuguese people – and boy are they loving it. Their menu is bursting with tasty Nutella treats, with croissants, crêpes, waffles, sandwiches, churros and Berlin balls all on offer. There’s even Nutella pizza, because of course there is.

Ramallah, West Bank

PicMonkey Collage1
Photo: The Nutella Shop/Facebook

Sitting next to the central Al-Manara Square, this Nutella Shop in the lively city of Ramallah, in the Palestinian territory West Bank, is devoted to Ferrero’s most popular product. The Nutella force is strong with this one too – selling everything from crêpes, pastries and cakes, this bistro has deigned to go further, creating their very own Nutella Kebab.

Naples, Italy

Naples just might be the Nutella capital of the world. Big call, we know, but if you stop in to this Italian city, you’ll find Nutella on in crêpes, cakes, milkshakes, pancakes and basically every incarnation of food you can think of. The delicacies can be found far and wide, and are usually documented on one particular Instagram account – Napoli Food Porn. Prepare to salivate.

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