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The World’s Hippest RV Has Has Arrived

The World’s Hippest RV Has Has Arrived

Often when you’re road tripping, an innate sense of homesickness can sneak up on you. Maybe you miss your bed, maybe it’s your TV, or maybe it’s just that you miss your shower head with its perfect water pressure. Honestly, it could be anything. But what if you could bring all the comforts of home with you on the road?

RVs get a bad rap. They’re often associated with elderly couples hitting up the great outdoors, and not, for instance, young travellers looking to get the most out of their road trip experience. Until now, that is.


Escape Traveler create towable trailers that operate like your very own tiny home. They’re portable and affordable with a hip, minimalist design, so you won’t feel like Robin Williams towing his family around in RV.


These tiny homes feature a full-size kitchen and bathroom, a large dining table, living area (with fireplace!), huge floor-to-ceiling windows, on-demand hot water and even a washer and dryer.


There’s also plenty of storage and complete climate control over the entire RV with minimal power consumption. There really is no place like home.

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Prices start at $65,400USD (about $89,000AUD) for the standard size Escape Traveler. You can pick and customise your space via their website too.

Escape Traveler homes can be delivered anywhere in the continental US – here’s hoping they expand to Australia too!

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