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This Aussie Bloke Has Merged Safety And Fashion With His Tailored Hi-Vis Suit Creation

This Aussie Bloke Has Merged Safety And Fashion With His Tailored Hi-Vis Suit Creation

Just as you were lamenting the ability to stay highly visible and therefore safe on a worksite, while also being a snappy dresser, this Western Australian dude was solving the issue.

In a real dad move, Rob Glenn shared a photo to LinkedIn of himself wearing a well-tailored suit jacket made of high-vis material, which he apparently had made in Bali (because of course he did).

“Someone messaged me recently with a pic of a hi-vis suit… and a note to say I should have patented mine!” he wrote.

“I had three fully tailored and lined hi-vis suit jackets made years ago, one each in yellow, orange or blue depending which site I go to”.

“I’m not really sure whether it adds to my professionalism or completely destroys it! It does however get some weird looks around airports”.

The post has racked up thousands of likes and comments, with a lot of people wanting one of their own, although apparently, Rob has no plans to commercialise the suit yet. Shame, because I can absolutely see it also being popular with the rave crowd.

“Where the suit came from is that I talk about every person in the room being a professional investor of other people’s money,” Robb told mining publisher “And in mining, those project people are spending millions and sometimes billions of dollars”.

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“The question that always comes up is ‘can we be as professional in red dirt and dust and flies while wearing PPE as we can while in St George’s Terrace in a suit?’ And the answer is ‘of course you can'”.

You love to see it. Don’t you dare tell me Australia has no fashion sense, or culture for that matter.

(Lead image: LinkedIn / Rob Glenn)

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